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My two kids, my husband and I have all been experience itchy throats and dry unproductive coughs for weeks possibly two months. There is no fever or lack of energy or any other smptoms except occasional headache that my or may not be related. The itchy soar throats and cough are worse in the morning and now I have lost my voice. My family doesn't have insurance and I am concerned that we may have mold in the house or something worse that I haven't thought of yet.

I would realy appreciate any insight or suggestions.


my husband has had this for more than 2 weeks. No fever, just this horrible sharp cough and a little mucus - the headache is, "like a hammer hit him in the head", he says. Some dizziness. He went to emergency, they gave him Amoxicillin, Tessalon and cough syrup made with benadryl, maalox, mucinex (generic) and lidocaine (for the raw throat). He has no fever, has occasional sneezing, no congestion. Just this cough basically, and the headache.

He's been taking the antibiotic for a week, still has the cough -- still coughs, mostly at night right before bed. Throat is still a little raw mostly from the sharp coughing. We'd been using Theraflu, benadryl and leftover Tessalon from last year (looks like tiny pearls, helps to get rid of mucous and the coughing).