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For about 3 months now I have been waking up coughing up blood. I have extremely bad stomach aches. I have a hard time breathing after walking to my car. I have chest pains often. Im very moody. My skin is not salty. I have had pneumonia three times. I have never had bronchitis. What could this possible be? I need help. Please.



Coughing up blood is a very serious symptom. Have you talked to your doctor about this? You have to understand that you can not ignore these symptoms. You have to see your doctor because this is a serious condition. Now the pneumonia is something that can cause you to have blood when you cough but the liver cancer might do the same thing. It is really hard to say if you have cancer or not because you haven’t done any tests. Have you done any blood tests? I think that this can show you what is wrong with your body and then you can know for sure what to do next.


All the best to you,