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Hello I am 29 & have chest infection since 2005 & it’s in my right lung, & have that cause of chest exercise (dips), but in my thought its main cause is masturbation, I did start when I was 12 & that time every one (Doctors) told me that will never make you weak, you can do this act always, when I got this in same day I did masturbate & then exercise, during exercise as I did getup I felt something unlikely in my chest also pain but after few hours pain was extending slowly & also I got blood in saliva/mucus even I did exercise daily in those days but nothing were happening as I masturbate after that as I did exercise I got this, & in 2009 it effected on my right side of my mind & also eye now a days I can watch long time TV/Monitor my right side of brain always remains inactive I can't do any job I went to many doctors but I couldn't get any advantage from their cure for me.
Now a days if any one touches my chest or its back I feel unlikely because it effects on my mind also same time I spit/saliva/Mucus but without blood. & nightfall also makes me & my right eye weaker when I get up in morning.

Hopefully I could any better solution from your site.


hahaha you really have a funny way of trying and linking your activities to your condition.

Firstly, if you are coughing up blood you could have TB or a sever infection.  Secondly you have a conbinations of different symptoms:
*  right eye weakness? this could be eye strain OR linked to some other condition
*  Chest weakness - could be TB or Pneumonia or inflamation of the lung lining or an infection that hasnt cleared...  this is all speculation at this point
*  blood in mucus/phelm ... could be TB or could be from coughing / strain

Chest pain can also be linked to heart issues.  My suggestion would be the following:
-  Stop training/exercising until you have been cleared by your doctor
-  Get blood tests to check your white blood cells and c-reactive protein....elevated means you have an infection or something thats going on in your body.  Also get tested for TB and avian flu
-  Get checked by a cardiologist to rule out heart issues
-  Then the main person you should be dealing with is a pulmonologist (lung specialist)...get him to check that your lung lining is not inflamed, that you dont has astma, check for infection/pneumonia

Unfortunately the whole process is a process of elimination in order to narrow down to the exact cause.

The chances are slim that you have TB since you say you have had these symptoms since you were 12.  Its more likely chronic bronchitis or astma

but please see a pulmonologist not a general practioner .....he is more specialised and should be able to sort you out.


Its all because of masterbution don't do that, u will beqcome week and ur defiency vitamins will become less so lungs infections came