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Hello there! I am a 21 year old male, 5'4", 110lbs. My symptoms started about two weeks ago after I ate at a Swiss Chalet with my parents (I ate a chicken wrap). The next day I had mild stomach cramps, figuring it was the food not agreeing with me, I went to the bathroom with fairly loose stool. From that day on, I've had strange stomach aches/pains. Not to a point where it's so painful that I don't want to move or do anything, just strange pains right around the naval, spreading short to the the left or right (more so left) and below; tonight it feels as if someone is poking me really hard right where the breast bone splits (about 4" above naval).

During the first week and a half I sometimes felt bloated, my stool stayed loose (fiberous) and a pail-yellowish color. Urine was cloudy (but went clear and has now returned to a normal clear-yellow). My stool seems to have returned to a normal color, soft-solid aswell. But the pains are not going away; don't seem to be getting worse either, except for the pinpoint poking feeling mentioned.

I seem to have a bit more gas now, and after deficating, it relieves the pain for a while. Eating or drinking milk seems to settle it down. I also have this empty feeling like I'm starving with a rumbling gut (probably because my eating habits are bad, I just don't like food, it bores me to eat. My eating habits were so poor I would go on a PB&J sandwich the whole day). That brings up another thing, back in February and March I ended up really sick, sleeping about 20 hours a day, not eating, and the chest pains I've had since I was 15 became worse until one day, my heart decided to go into over-drive and beat so hard I could feel it pushing me put the chair while I was waiting to see the doctor that day (I went there immediately). I had tests done when I was 15 and I had more tests done in March and I was seen by a Cardiologist, everything checked out okay. Says it's in the chest muscle. Since then the chest pains have decreased in number and the mouth sores I'd always get everyday went away (another reason why I didn't eat much).

But back to the problem now; it's hard to explain the pain, feels more like a muscle ache, shallow to the skin with alot of twitching now and then. If I sit in funny positions, or stretch really far out, I can feel it even more, feeling like it's been torn and slight burning in the area. But I carry on as I do everyday (which as bad as it is, is in front of a computer most days) and I eat and drink pretty much what I normally do, chicken, cereal, sandwiches, pop, milk, water, etc. etc. Never any nausea or vomiting. Never any signs of blood. I'm hoping it's just in the muscles or an infection. I'm also getting very light pains now and then around the temples and towards the forehead (I have a sore molar, that could be the cause of that, but the veins in the temples sometimes feel stiff).

I ate a yogurt two days ago and it made my stomach feel like it was starved to death, so I went to bed and woke up the next day and felt great all day until about 8-9ish at night, the pains returned but more dull. That poking feeling has gone. Unfortunately I didn't make my doctor's appointment because I fell asleep; I don't sleep very well, when I do get any, for numerous reasons. One is I can't turn the gears off in my head and I have alot of anxiety, especially now with this.

The aches around the temples and eyes seem to be happening more than the stomach pains, or are atleast more noticeable, on and off. When I touch my temples, I can feel the veins are "stiff"; maybe my blood pressure is up? I naturally have very low blood pressure and heart rate.

I rarely ever get sick, so I've no idea what a symptom is and what a "spell" or "moment" is. I've read about H. Pylori and that it is very common. Possibly food poisoning? Or maybe a hernia (my mother, grandmother and cousin have it, and I have more genes from my mother's side), or an ulcer, which my brother has?! Guess I'll have to wait and see if the bloodwork I'll get done shows anything. There's no family history of any serious diseases, except the few with cancer, but any family has cancer victims and it's only affected the very older generations and the ones I know of are only tumors that they have removed. I don't smoke, I rarely drink, never do any drugs and I try to eat fairly healthy foods (which is very hard with my Mom, she'd rather just eat out). Chances are this will boil down to stress as I've been under quite a bit the last few weeks, but normally it never gets to me, I can just brush it off and I've never felt like this before. But like I said to my Mom when she was very sick and the doctor's couldn't find the reason why (divorce), "stress can do many things to the body without revealing the true cause". They didn't agree, they wanted to use her as a guinea pig, but once I moved back home, she got better and has been since.

I'm seeing my GP this Tuesday, I am hoping anyone here may offer me some things to ask my GP or mention what should be done.


My GP had a blood, urine and stool sample done (May 29) and nothing came back showing any significance. He also pressed around my stomach without feeling anything. I was feeling better this past week, not many pains and if I did get any it was short and dull, localized right under my left rib.

Late last night I got stomach cramps and had diarrhea more than once. Early this morning I rolled over on to my left side and did that ever hurt; right around my naval area and above it felt as if someone just dragged a steel brush through my gut, like a tearing feeling, so I rolled on to my back and it went away. I did drink some milk before bed to see if that would help, maybe it didn't?! My stomach was also rumbling and bubbling all night. I wonder if I may be lactose intolerant again, as I was severely allergic to dairy when I was young. Wasn't until I was twelve or thirteen that I seemed to have got over that.

Sorry for such long posts, but thank you for reading.


I hope you are feeling well and have found the answer to what is causing you such great pain.  If not, I may have the ANSWER for your  stomach pain.  You may be backed up with mucus.  It happened to me and 

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Take care.  



Hi I have just read your post due to finding after having the exact same symptoms you described- I was just wanted to asked if you ever got to the bottom of what caused this?And are you better now?

Many thanks A