Hi so I'm currently stressing the F out atm and I need some advice/opinions.

So around 3 weeks ago I was raped by someone at my school and he came in me without a condom and I went to the doctors and got STD tested (Im thankfully clean) and ever since then I have been doing at home pregnancy tests and they have all come back negative (I got the cheapie ones from walmart) but I am experiencing 9 out of 10 symptoms that relate to pregnancy and my mom keeps on talking about how 'God doesn't want you to be pregnant so there is no way you could be pregnant'  and a whole bunch of stuff like that but I am really worried that I am pregnant.

My symptoms include but are not limited to: 

Hella sore nipples, headaches, dizziness, cramps, bleeding that lasted for three days and it was incredibly light around 5 days after he raped me, I pee like every 3 minutes, bloated, tired ALL THE TIME, and honestly I just have a feeling in my gut that I'm pregnant 

So if anyone could please tell me what they think of this that would be amazing!! 

(Idk if this changes anything but I'm 14 years old and im supposed to get my period june 4 and it is currently may 23)  

P.s. To people who think im looking for attention or something like that by saying I was raped, Im not im honestly just really confused and scared and idk if that could factor into the possibility of me bring preggo  (Btw he was arrested yesterday thankfully so now i can sleep at night a bit more peacefully)