I was raped back in march on the 24 i am currently pregant for 4 1/2 months I'm torn between keeping the triplets produced from the rape and abortion of the pregnancy from rape or causing myself to have a miscarriage and i am only 17 as i ranaway last year on may 13 to get help for my eating disorder and so i didn't go into foster care after the death of my adoptive father i have been seeing a doctor for the pregnancy but knowing I'm pregnant and battling anorexia nervosa binge eating/ purging type my head is not thinking clearly to decide to do any of the above things i said i was also born with werner syndrome so i might not be able to go full term with the pregnancy from the rape and i have to take aspirin everyday ik I'm supposed to be taking prenatal vitamins but i haven't bought any i just really need some really good advice because this pregnancy scares me so badly because idk what the outcome is going to be plus I'm scared to go to an abortion clinic even though this is an area of where i normally would be in support of an abortion but it's all the pro-life dickheads that stand in front of those places that also scares me to death even though these are rape produced babies! So what should i do I'm so confused on what i want atm