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Hello.  I know a lot of people ask this but I'm very worried. 

I wanted to love him so I gave him a blowjob and ha****b and he cummed and some got on my hand and I wiped it off on a chair and he wiped some off his pants and it dried. Then we held hands for a while and when I got back home I washed my hands with soap three times and I used the hand that didn't get cum on it but also held his hand that did have cum on it earlier in the day (but was dry) and started to masturbate and finger myself. Any chance I'm pregnant? Please answer.  I'm really worried.


Sperm can live in open air until the semen dries out killing the sperm. You are probably okay because the sperm would of been dead by the time you started masturbating. A little FYI you can get pregnant if the sperm was wet when you masturbated because you do not need to have intercourse to become pregnant. It is harder to get pregnant by transferring sperm but is possible. Good Luck