Hello! I'm usually a very responsible person but, I tossed off my boyfriend for the first time, the first time I'd ever done it, and it went on his hands and well as mine. I hand a handful of cum so, for some reason, God knows why I did it, I put the handful of cum all up and down his penis. He then ran his hand along, up and down, his now cum covered penis. I cleaned my hands for about a minute and a half with soap and cold water and dried them whereas he just quickly rinsed his with cold water. He then went up to the loo, but I'm not sure whether he washed his hands with soap, or hot or cold water, but I heard the tap go. Later probs about 15-20 mins later, it could even have been five minutes or an hour I'm not sure, I'm not sure, he fingered me. His fingers went quite a way inside my vagina. His hands were dry and he had rinsed his hands with cold water very quickly and he didn't get a lot of cum on his fingers anyway, I think but I'm not sure. But really, I'm terrified that I'm going to be pregnant! I'm not stupid but really, I was never taught about this sort of thing in school! I'm 14, almost 15 next month, I can't go on the pill because none of the women in my family have been able to go on it, and I do not have the "Plan B pill". I have not settled into a regular pattern with my periods yet, but I have not had one this month yet. This happened just over a week ago. Could there be any chance I'm pregnant??!!!!! I'm really scared :L

My mum has said recently, today in fact, that my boobs are looking tender, I am more irritable, I am weeing more, I am incredibly tired, feeling bloated easily and quite a lot, gone off my fave foods and am suffering from backache, neckache, crippling headaches, leg cramps, arm cramps, feeling just generally unwell and ill, crippling stomache pains and it might just be me but my stomache looks larger and moe rounded :S PLEASE HELP!