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I have a similar problem. I am now 2 weeks late for my period. I had Lite spotting when I should have gotten my period. I took 3 pregnancy tests. 2 were neg and one had a very faint line that I think I may have imagined. My breast have seemed more sensitive and I think I may feel a bit nauseous. (I think Im imagining this too) Yesterday I felt slightly crampy like I was about to get my period, now today im getting what appears to be the beginning of my period. Im not sure this may just be spotting!?!? Time will tell I suppose What do others think?

(A little while later) It seems I have started my period could I be prego still?


same here but im only 16. and mi period is 1 week late i fell as if i have to throw up but only late at night. i have lower abdominal cramps i had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago. im really hopeing im not expecting because i have no clue on what i would do. mi boyfriend thinks i am because i sleep more eat more and go to the restroom more often then normal. could i be pregnant?