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Hi i'm Christ i wan't to know if i can become pregnant without having any kind of sex at all! I'm 24 I really want Children , I'm single & i really want children please any other way! 

Im a virgin and i want to stay that way intil 25 but i really want "Kids" I have names picked out all furniture bought please could you help any way you can get you pregnant? 

Any advice on pregnancy & any experience's that you've had on pregnancy.


Someone please help me. Where is Bambi? Me and my husband have been trying for some time now to get pregnant. There is a big age difference between us. I am 26 and he is 35. My period went off on the 25th of Sep and we had sex on the 27th and today the 30th. I have been trying to learn how to chart my ovulation days and think I may have hit the nail on the head this time because i have been a little queasy (not bad though) my breast have been hurting with these sharp pains and now they just feel full and heavy, also i have been having the same sharp pains in my back and my abdomin feel full like a stretching feeling across the top of my stomach. I have had two pregnacies that got me my daugters but can't really remember how the pregnancies felt in the beginnng. Are significan signs of pregnancy or should i wait for my period on Oct 18?