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So I was on birth control of a couple months (enough to have regular periods) but then i was a week late getting my pills and started the first week a week late. I also didnt take my placebo pills in the previous pack so i was 2 weeks with out pills. I took the First week on time everyday as soon as i got it  however I stopped after that and havent taken them since (around 2 weeks ago) me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex at least once a week every week for a while. Starting yesterday i had light spotting with cramps and now today the flow has picked up a little. it's only enough blood for a panty liner which is not typical of my period at all. Even on birth control I had very heavy periods. The color ranges from a pink to redish brown and its very mucus-y. Does this sound like implantation bleeding? Or is it just a messed up period?


It sounds like a very out of whack period due to starting your pill pack late. I was notorious for this prior to even being sexually active. I went on birth control for extremely heavy and irregular periods. Your hormones are probably a little weird right now as your body is trying to adjust. Usually after you've been on the pill regularly, it just takes a good full week of birth control being taken for it to be effective. My doctor has always told me that as long as I take my pills the first week without slip ups, you're pretty well protected. 

Just throwing this out there, too. Every woman has been freaking out about implantation bleeding. When I brought implantation bleeding up to my doctor when I had my first pregnancy scare, he told me that only about 20% of women actually notice it. The 20% are usually really hopeful mothers trying to concieve so they're watching for every single symptom. It usually goes missing in most women and is literally only scant spotting. If you feel your period has been ultimately weird, get a pregnancy test. It will do wonders for your anxiety and your mind. :) Good luck! In the future, make sure you're always protected!