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I am a 19 year old male living in ontario canada, (burr), and would greatly like some help. My girlfriend and I split up last week but got back to gether on new years eve after seperate partying and had intercourse. we were both pretty ahmmered but i recall her asking me to finish inside of her, normally being against this i never have before, but for some reason thought it felt right and did it anyway. we NEVER have used condoms in 2 years and have been fine, but I also NEVER have came inside of her before. she is on the pill, takes it every single day according to plans, and her cycles are normal. we did it friday night, she took the pill that night, and saturday night, and sunday she started her placebos for her week. With her period being so nigh my guess was things would be okay, but she normally recieves her period by midweek on wednesday during the day. it is now evening on wednesday and she still hasnt gotten it and im slightly starting to worry about the situation. Could someone be so kind as to enlighten me on the probability that she is pregnant? I' would be s happy to just hear some of the chances/if it was a bad time to have done this. Thanks so much in advance



bump post, i'm desperate for information, sorry if im overkilling this thread.