I lost my last birth control pill (the one before the placebos) last month and just skipped that day and continued my sugar pills normally. Now this month I'm experiencing some pink then light brown discharge, about a week before my period. It's been lasting a few days so I consider it spotting, but I don't know if its pregnancy or not. I was on antibiotics this month too, so I know that can make my birth control less effective. And this is only my second month on birth control. Is it more probable I'm spotting because of the missed pill or pregnancy? I already took a test and it said negative, but that was 6 days before I was even suppose to start my period so I'm not sure if it was too early. Last month, the week of the placebos I had a miscarriage. I did think I was pregnant and did test but it was negative, so I know its common for me not to produce enough hCG in early pregnancy. I do have one more test but am waiting until my missed period to take it just to be safe. If its a false negative I won't know be able to test again, even by doctor, until another 3 weeks(for reasons I won't even get into). I need someone's advice, maybe if you've gone through this and turned out to be pregnant or if you know anything about this. I'm stressing out big time, I have been for a week and its horrible. Please help :-(