NOTE: I will just give you every single detail for accurate answers. She is a 16 year old virgin + she is expecting period these days (today or tomorrow)


We were just laying on the bed we made out (we weren't going to have sex and we did not) we both took pretty much everything except she kept her panties and I did also keep my boxers on (Both panties and boxers where made with a good material the boxers are calvin kleins originals and the panties I don't know the brand but there were like kind of thick on the whole genital area). After making out I had that self-lubrication on my boxers that we guys get and her panties were wet also from the self-lubrication. I was laying on my bed she got on top of me I was guiding my penis to rub it against her vagina then I got on top of her and started rubbing my penis just above her clitoris (where its a nice and smooth area and doesn't have any bumps or anything) I may have tried like going under the clitoris but I couldn't keep my penis steady it was going right and left(keep in mind I never pushed to the entrance of the vagina) so I decided to just continue just above the clitoris area. It was time where I had to cum and I came normally but wasn't touching her vagina at all I pulled myself just a bit away from it. I told her to go wash herself like everything down there and she came back to my room (not sure if she wiped them if the towel atleast to dry them out a bit she put on the same panties as before ). Then I searched the internet and dry humping or dry sex came up and I read that its Impossible for the sperm to get through cloth(especially good quality one) and stuff like that and I told her all of that and she didn't worry about pregnancy. But now that I'm rethinking it it wasn't dry at all like her panties and my boxers and everything that I described above.

Also I said she is expecting her period to come these days if it doesn't come does it means that she is gonna be pregnant ?

Is it possible for her to get pregnant with all what we did please answer as fast as possible ? My heart is going like crazy