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ive had sex everyday for a week now and ive been having bad stomach cramps like i need to poop sometimes i do but most of the time i don't and i should have a period soon am i pregnant


no,i get those too its just were having sex and idk its weird but i do too i dont get pregnant.also sex can also change the cycles so dont worry if your not sure,just stay positive :). i had a period everymonth for a whole week when i started sex it moved down to Three Months And Only 4Days Crazy Huh.


One of the most frequent questions in parenting forum is about the differences between signs of pregnancy and period. It is in fact very difficult for many of us, even for experienced mothers, to tell the difference between early signs of pregnancy and signs which indicates that period is coming as symptoms of both period and pregnancy are very similar.

Here's the similar signs of Menstruation and Pregnancy

-Tender or swollen breast




-Difficulty in sleeping or insomnia

-Fatigue or tiredness

Many will experience backache before or during period.

But remember that Backache is not an EARLY sign of pregnancy. Pregnant women will only experience backache in the second and third trimester due to the growing uterus.

Missed Period or Spotting and Increased Urination are the Symptom of Pregnancy.

Cramps is the signs that indicate the arrival of the period include abdominal or pelvic pain or cramp. Some pregnant women will also experience cramping in early pregnancy which may then need medical attention. 

You can also take krill oil supplement that may provide relief from PMS symptoms.