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I'm curious to know if those of you out there are creative in any aspect under that. E.g what types of creative thinking or work/hobbies you do.

I am also interested in your driving force behind such creativity and if to you personally it gives benefits to you as a person or to your well being.

Personally, i write poetry and draw fine pen art. Also dabbled in short stories. The driving force behind much of my poetry and some of my art is my past experience, emotions (usually darker emotions) or state of mind. Generally speaking these poems turn out rather dark and depressive.

The benefit i found was the expressiveness that sometimes can't simply be said in spoken word.

A picture can say a thousand words
A thousand words can can indeed paint a picture


I think that everyone who wants to live a well-balanced life will agree that having a creative outlet can be very good for having a fulfilled life.

Personally, I enjoy dancing, which a lot of people do not consider to be a creative habit, but it definitely is one. I think it's a way to be expressive but unlike other arts, there is no tangible result.


Well I like photography. I like to capture the moments of time in a frame, where you can have a story. I like to go out side with my camera and picture things. Mostly animals. They are always full of stories.
I have never been good at writing poets or at painting, when I was younger I have tried it but it wasn't my thing. The on one occasion I got my first photo camera and I started to picture everything. And from that moment I like it very much.