hi,this started about 2 months ago,an is now impacting every area of my life,i always knew,i would eventually have a problem with the nostrils fr snorting cocaine in my 20's,i am now 49.my nose strated to run,to the point of down down lips as far as I've seen it many times(snot)going to my kneesmso I blowing steady,now my entire jaw throbs,were it opens n closes,now all along my teeth area as well,an while these 2 things are happing my head aches,an ears,mainly the top part of my head an temples were I can feel the viens pulsating,to the crying point,which is NOW,this is going on steady,the only time I do not feel it,is when I am asleep,then I open my eyes(which fill with liquid,as well,so this is were I am at in my life,does anyone know,what I can do,help of anytype would be greatly appreciated,as well as to everyone pls do not ever snort anything!!!crying another night deedee walker