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what is cushing's syndrome and the symptoms? how would you know if you had it?


Cushings can be diagnosed by a blood test which measures the level of cortisol in the body. Cushings basically is an overproduction of cortisol.

The most obvious symptom is the look of a Cushings patient. The face is round, and weight is held in the trunk (large abdomen) with smaller limbs. When first going through puberty, or gaining weight, the stretch marks are purple. The skin tends to thin, and often there is a dowager's hump. With age, one suffers from high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

I thought I had Cushings for years because it was the only thing that explained all my symptoms, but a blood test showed regular cortisol levels. The endocrinologist said metabolic syndrome, which was a disappointment, but also meant I could do more about taking control, and I have, bringing my blood sugar and pressure to normal levels.

For both Cushings syndrome and metabolic syndrome, carbs are really a problem, and I do well on just protein and vegetables, with hardly any starch or fruit.