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Does anyone know anything about type 1 severe insulin resistence?  I am wondering if I may have it.  It seems like I can't get my blood sugar levels to go down.  Does somebody know about what is done if your body won't take any more insulin in?  This is a scary thiing to think about if I can't use insulin anymore.


Hello, I see that you are having a problem and believe you have insulin resistance.  A person develops insulin resistance when the pancreas produces enough insulin but the body doesn’t use it in an effective way.  What happens then is that glucose builds up in the bloodstream because it is not getting into the cells like it should.  This leads to type 2 diabetes.  The pancreas puts out more insulin because it senses that the glucose isn’t getting utilized.  This keeps the glucose down for the time being until the pancreas is unable to keep up with the body’s overload of glucose.  This results in the diabetes.  Excess weight, especially belly fat, seems to increase the likelihood of insulin resistance.  Physical inactivity and lack of sleep are also culprits.  Exercise helps stave off insulin resistance if done early enough.  Older age and genetics are things out of anybody’s control, but things like smoke cessation and treating sleep apnea is within control.  Hormones, certain medications, and diseases may bring insulin resistance into play. 

If you have severe insulin resistance, you may notice dark patches on the back of the neck, maybe a dark ring around the neck.  This is called acanthosis nigricans.  There are no other symptoms of insulin resistance.  Severe insulin resistance can lead to metabolic resistance, also called insulin resistance syndrome.  If you have 3 of the following traits you have metabolic resistance:  large waist size (40" or more), high triglycerides, high cholesterol,high blood pressure, and high fasting blood glucose levels.

Changing your diet, begin exercising, take medication, and quit smoking. Those are the best things to reverse insulin resistance.