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The first thing depression patients are prescribed are antidepressant medications but a new study shows that regular exercise can outperform leading antidepressants in loosening symptoms.

It doesn’t matter how long the exercise lasts, what it matters is that patients exercise. This may involve gym-workouts, daily jogs, aerobics, etc. Exercise has been showed to help people with their self-esteem, and bring a psychological boost.
It has been showed that 30 minutes aerobic exercises can cut down depression symptoms by 50%.

Depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain and regular exercise triggers positive changes in that area. Even a 10-minute walk may help boost energy.

The conclusion is simple. Whether you suffer from depression or are just feeling blue-go out and do some exercise.


I absolutely agree with you!
I suffer from depression and drinking my medications sometimes has made me feel even worse. I was gaining weight and losing my self-confidence little by little.One day I have decided to change something in my nutrition so I have started with avoiding junk food and with exercising. I have chosen yoga because my friend was trainer in the studio near my house. After few times I have realized that I am feeling much better after training. So I started to increase my trainings from two times a week to five times and this was the best thing I have ever done. Yoga is making me less depressed so I advise to all who are fighting this condition to start with any kind of physical activity.