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I really need help I have been suffering from severe depression. I can't take drugs because I still go to school and I am still growing. I have depression really badly (suicidal) so please can I have some techniques to stop feeling depressed without drugs. :'(  


Hey Speakup,


Thank you for dropping by and getting it out. Please, please, don't ever keep suicidal feelings to yourself. You've absolutely done the right think 'speaking up'. ;-)


How old are you, sweetie?

Do you have any close friends, family or teachers you can talk to? That would be Step One of getting out of your depression without medication. You HAVE to speak to someone you trust, in person. Once you speak to someone, you can get help; ask that person to help you get counselling or some type of therapy. This would be Step Two. If you can get to visit a doctor, he/she can refer you for a type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This kind of therapy works extremely well with depression and teenagers and young people tend to show improvement quite quickly.

There are other ways: (1) watch what you eat. Sugary, high fat foods tend to create a low mood, so avoid fizzy drinks, crisps & fast food; fresh fruit, oily fish & seafood (such as tuna & scallops) and green vegatables help balance mood. It might even be worth taking vitamin supplements. Sometimes in teenagers, depression can be caused by a mixture of hormonal changes & the interaction of a bad diet. Teenagers on a healthy, balanced diet, don't tend to suffer from extreme mood swings as much.

(2) make sure you exercise regularly. Blood pumping around your body because a run or a football match carries essential endorphines- 'happy chemicals for the brain'. Keep pumping those brilliant endorphines to the brain and the happier you will be. Exercise does a lot for the mind- this has been shown in nearly every study in to the body and mind. Treat your body like a temple and your mind will see heaven.

(3) keep talking. Don't keep anything bottled up inside. Depression is self-hatred- it's a twisted, one-sided story of guilt, regret and torture and the worst thing you can do is keep it to yourself. The thing with depression is that it feeds on silence- it feeds and grows when you don't talk about it. You need to confide in someone close to you and go to them when you feel the blackness of depression and suicial thoughts coming in to your mind. Once you get it out there- the depression starts to get smaller. It can't grow when other's know about it.

(4) keep writing. Journals, diaries, blog posts- once you get what you are feeling (and why you are feeling it) in writing, look at it from another point of view, and ask yourself "How would I advise that person?" You'll be surprised at what happens. As I said above- Depresion is a twisted, one-sided story and once you put it in writing, you can look at it from another side and answers, to how to overcome certain situations that caused you to feel that way, suddenly become clear. 

(5) remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER ALONE. You CAN get out of depression and you won't always feel the way you do. Keep that in mind. Emotions, feelings, situations- nothing stays the same forever. It may feel as if there is no hope now, but there ALWAYS, ALWAYS is. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow- you won't always feel suicidal and depressed.


My love to you, sweetie & all the best in finding some help.






Well speaking from experience with life long bipolar/manic depressive only tip is exercise. Its a natural jump start for your brains under production of neurotransmitters used to supply your feelings of happiness and decrease moods of sadness,crying spells, appetite issues, and the list goes on. I see you list going to school as your block from medication, why? I went to school and was single mother to two kids under the age of 8 during my initial medication doses.Suicide isnt a joke, feeling like you have a better choice in death than life is serious. You dont have to feel this way dear. You deserve to be from under this weight of grief. Only theres no one who will do the moving of the heavy burden depression poses but you. If your mind is made up on the school without meds concept try exercise then. Its the natural way to jump start your brain and aside from getting better sleep at night the risk of side effects are possible but possible increase in self confidence isnt gonna hurt you. Be open to a therapist who is able to meet with you and listen to your thoughts while offering perspective unbiased in return, Please dont let this go on much longer without attempting to alleviate your mind and relieve the feelings of suicide your having. You know your feelings are not regular feelings and you are trying to seek advice to overcome them...good for you thats step one. Now keep ontop of this until your able to be free of these feelings and dont give up until you find the solution that works for you. goodluck