for more than a week I have had intermittent black tarry stools . I don't drink or eat anything red don't bring pebble bismol and none of my medications what cause black stool. A little of my history is the following; I'm a 51 year old male approximately 6 foot 4 to 230 pounds. I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus back in April of this gallbladder was removed 5 years ago and I'm diabetic with an average a1c of 5.6 for the last year.

my GI doctor suggested that I go to the emergency room to the black stools. Unfortunately all that they did was take a blood sample and do a rectal exam. no blood found in the sample of the rectal exam and they said the blood work should plenty of red blood cells so they released me and told me to follow up with my GI doctor in a few days.I have tremendous heartburn pain right below my sternum some lower abdominal pain lower right side that radiates to my back and nausea. each time that I eat even if it's clear broth I start to cough. I'm not overly concerned because the emergency room but not really sure if there was a problem. however when following up with my GI doctor this morning his nurse seemed a little concerned that they did no scan. even this afternoon all I've had is a clear soup and I've had nausea for the last four hours and esophageal pain . I'm only speculating but more than likely im just experiencing acute symptoms of GERD and Barretts.Has anyone else experienced symptoms like these? I see my GI dr Tuesday and he told me in the interim to continue to seating soft foods and drinking a lot of fluids and clear broth until he gets a chance to see me.

thanks for any advice