I am suffering from severe pain in the abdomen after consuming food for a long time and there is also itching in the rectum during passing of the stool which sometimes accompanied with small droplets of fresh blood. I undergo UGI Endoscopy as well as as LGI Colonoscopy twice in the last one month by two separate Gastro-Physicians. My UGI Endoscopy findings are, in both cases, Sliding-Type Hiatus Hernia, GERD, Barrett's Esophagus and Erosive Gastritis with H.Pyroli Negative. The two doctors differ in the result of Colonoscopy. The first one said there are multiple polyps (from 6-8 mm. in dia) in the rectum which need immediate intervention while the second doctor said there are nothing but tiny nodules and rectal hemorrhoids which should not need any intervention. I am completely confused. It is very interesting that none of them took any sample for biopsy during colonoscopy. My platelet count is also low, just touched the normal level. Do I have any risk of developing rectal carcinoma?