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Hello everyone, 

for over a week now I've been having stomach aches, right under my breastbone. So far I've tried proton pump inhibitors, gas-x and antiacids, which have helped take the edge off, but symptoms are still there: 

- light bit pointed/stabbing pain (2 or 3 on a 1-10 scale) under breastbone 
- feeling 'full' 
- slight but constant feeling of nausea 
- bloating and burping 
- feeling a bit weak 
- soft stools (sometimes normal shape, sometimes pencil shape, sometimes irregular) with urgency to go

Any ideas what that could be? 
I had it before (on and off for two years now) but it only lasted a day or two usually. Back then a GE did a stool sample and blood analysis but come up with nothing and prescribed me the Proton Pump Inhibitor, which I didn't even need to take (antiacids helped). But now it's been 8 or 9 days without change. 



Obviously, you will have to see your doctor again, but this time, I think that you will need upper GI system exam, maybe an abdominal ultrasound also because your symptoms are common for several also common GI problems - from gallbladder issues to intestinal problems. You should avoid any kind of fats for a few days (if it's gallbladder problem that should help), eat light and don't eat at night. And, take proton pumps (they are far more advanced that antacids because they prevent acid from being secreted, instead of just dealing with it once its there). I've been through all that, I still am and you first need to find the cause and than adjust your lifestyle. Wish you the best!