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I need help to know what gene tests should I pay for because they are very expensive!

I've borned tongue-tied (Ankyloglossia),chest deformation,missing one rib on the right side 
and all the others on my right side are halfly developed.
The left side of my chest is ok but slightly protruding.
The left side of my chin is noticeably longer than the right.
My left eye sits noticeably higher than the right one.
My left ear is noticeably smaller than my right ear.
My left shoulder is an inch broader,wider than my right shoulder.
I have slight scoliosis and slight-moderate khyphosis too.

I have open bite and malocclusion also.I'm only 22 years old male.
The deformed chest and rib cage gave me chronic anxiety and shiness,I haven't visited a beach in a 
decade and I'm afraid of surgery.
When I was age 11-12 parents took me to doctor and he said the deformation is just "aesthetic" and 
can be fixed with minor surgery but I freaked out after hearing the word "surgery".

What could be the genes causing me all this suffering,please?

Thank you!


Hi, the asymmetry plus pectus excavatum makes it sound to me like a connective tissue disorder. Do you also have hypermobitiy in your joints? Could also be something like Marfan's Syndrome or Ehlers Danlos in which pectus and scoliosis are common.