i have had rib cage and chest pain since may. the pain began after taking up golf and kick boxing. in may i ws diagnosed and treated with costocondritis. within a week my pain went away. about a month later the pain came back and i did not respond to the medication which relieved the costochondtis. my pain is predominantely on my left side but somtimes emerges on the right. it is an achey and soemtimes stabbing pain on the left side on my lower rib cages. the pain is also across my upper chest which gives feelings of tightness and sensitivity. the pain wraps around to the back and moves through my shoulder blade. along with the pain i have received jaw pain on the right side which is similar to tmj but not as severe. i have been to numerous doctors had xrays and many tests but nothing has come back. 8 years ago i was diagnosed with a very mild case of scoliosis which has never really stopped me from doing physical activities. now i am not able to do any phsyical activity just a little yoga. as well driving, typing or even lying on my side causes me pain. i was on muscle relaxers for 5 months which helped at the beginning but as time went on made no difference so ive stopped them. i do acupunture go to a chiropractor and get massages on a weekly basis which somewhat relieves the pain. however if i miss one appointment the pain reemrges. doctors have suggested fibromayalgia but i do not believe this diagnosis is correct after researcing it throughly. though no doctor has diagnosed me with fibromaylagia they just know im eager for an answer so throw that to me as an option but no doctor has onfirmed it as a diagnosis.i have gone to numerous specialists who have no answer for me.

any ideas?