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I'm 27 year old male that is tall and skinny. 6' and about 145.

My entire life I've always sort of had a small concave in my chest right below my sternum. You could feel a small round bone sticking up a little on the left side of the dip.

I recently decided to start using my own body weight to work at home rather than going to the gym.

Day two of my home work out I was doing some exercises I have never done before and I remember hearing a sort of popping noise in my chest, but didn't thought anything of it. Today in the shower I noticed the dip is gone and you can't feel that bone anymore.

I'm stoked the hole is gone from my chest, but I want to know what's going on? . I've been doing some research today and from what I can conclude, I'm thinking my sternum has been out of place for 27 years.

Any ideas?


Your condition is called pectus excavatum (concave chest). The exercises that you had performed apparently corrected this congenital malformation that had caused the sternum to become sunken since birth. I would suggest that you continue to perform these specialized exercises to prevent the condition from recurring.
Could you please share with us the type of exercise that you had performed so that others with the same condition can benefit from your experience?