I'm scared, it's bad déjà vu! I'm fifteen, im turning sixteen in April, I work on animations and draw for my future since it's what I'm going for, I live a nice life in a good atmosphere but Once a year this happens; I'll have a weird dream and not remember a single thing? Till a month later when I'm drawing the same thing I was in the dream while watching the same thing, but instead of just normal flashbacks I start to panic, shake, im literally gasping for breath and I have to run away from it, and it's over nothing? We timed it and it's a total minute of just fear.. I've had this before last year and it's started again, it will go once a day, to almost three times a day, then dwindle down to weeks and then it's gone. But it's the worst thing ever and I want to know what it is? Why am I feeling so panicked over looking at a normal piece of art? And it's only connected to that dream because I get déjà vu from other things all the time but I'm fine.