In the summer I was smoking weed daily with my friends for about 2 or 3 months straight. Me and my parents went on vacation for a month to Europe so I had to stop smoking weed. I heard about withdrawals but I didn't think it was gonna be as bad as people told me it was. 2 weeks into the vacation I was deep in withdrawals, fog in my brain some days, depression, panic attacks, I felt like I really wasn't there. When I got back home the first thing I did was smoke weed. The brain fog never went away. Until today, 7 months later my sight is still really fuzzy and foggy, I feel like im in a dream, nothing looks real, it's hard to read and focus on one thing. My sight is basically just really f***** up and it has nothing to do with me needing glasses. I still have 20/20 vision but this is just really unreal. Sometimes things are to bright like looking at my phone or outside, I have also gotten anxiety from all this. My memory has gotten worse. I don’t can’t tell if it’s getting worse or not and I need to know what this is. Please someone with a PhD or some knowledge of the brain and mental health help me. I need to know what to do. Life just isn’t the same. What the hell is this stuff with my vision. I just want the old me back. This is making me so sad and I just can’t stop thinking about it everyday, I’m even tearing up as I’m writing this. I have adhd aswell and I take medicine for it if that helps. I don’t wanna tell my parents but if I know there’s a chance I can stop it from getting worse or make it go away I will do so immediately.