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I haven't had my period for four months.
It could be because I lost weight, but i'm not sure if i would call it excessive weight loss.
I did not have sex with my boyfriend before this, but he fingered me and I gave him a blow job. I'm kind of worried that if he accidentally wiped his penis( and if it had pre cum or something) and put it inside me. But technically when we did this he did not come at all. Could I be pregnant? or am I paranoid.
If I go to a gynecologist, my mom is sure to go with me, I'm worried that when the doctor talks to me, my mom will find out about the things i do with my boyfriend.
I'm getting really paranoid please help me..


Hi imhiding,

Not having your period for 4 months usually means that something else in your body is going on. You should get a pregnancy test, because if you are pregnant, you are going to need prenatal care. It does not sound to me like you are pregnant with what was described above, but nonetheless, you still should make sure. There are pregnancy care centers who will do confidential pregnancy tests for you. Look them up in the yellow pages.

Are you sure your mom doesnt already know what might be going on with you and your boyfriend? Do you two have a relationship of sorts that you might be able to talk with your mom? Sometimes I think the tendency is given to think that "mom will freak out" if she knows, but I think you should give it a thought. You might be REALLY surprised at how supportive she would be. We never know what things our moms might have been through.

I know after I got married I skipped my period for about 6 months, I was under A LOT of stress, and my thyroid was not functioning as it should have been. There are also alot of other factors that can throw our miraculous bodies and functions off. Are you ok with the "sex" issues between you and your boyfriend? Be careful, alot more things than just pregnancy can become involved.

I hope this helps,