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hi i am 14 and about 2 week ago i had underage sex with my boyfriend and now i am feeling incredibly tired and i am having really bad abdominal pains which are causing me not to be able to walk or move without being in pain i get very tired very easy and im incredibly scared as if my mother found out i was pregnant she would kick me ouy onyo the street :/ ! i am extremely frightened and im worried can someone please help me?
and another thing is my family are religious and against abortion :/ please somebody help me


Hi Guest,
First off, DONT be frightened... I know it seems easier to say. If you can, look up in the phonebook abortion alternatives. There are crisis pregnancy centers that can offer you a no cost pregnancy test and help to counsel you on your options. I used to be a counselor myself. The easiest way to get past this fear and worry is to just go and get a test done.
Are you absolutely sure your mother would kick you out of your home? I know we moms have a tendency to say things sometimes that we dont mean, and most moms, once they get past the initial shock, usually can see things a little more clear. The reason I say that is because you dont want to shut your mom out of the situation.
I am also going to tell you truthfully, I used to be a post abortion recovery counselor. It is not a pretty thing to see a woman, no matter how old, go through an abortion. I say this only through experience, not to sway you either way, just to tell the truth. Dont be rash about making any decisions right away. Stop, slow down and think things over.
EDUCATE YOURSELF.... go to reputable websites BOTH pro life and pro choice, look things over. If you notice on this post site, as I just noticed today, how very many issues some of these women have had with deep pain after abortion. Also look up posts on this site about women whom didnt have those issues. I am not trying to sway your decision, I see that you are very young, and very vulnerable.
If I may, I was given permission to share a story of a young lady (your age) that I counseled. I dont give names, just circumstances with permission. She was 14, had been raped and came in to our center. I sat down with her, and received some information from an intake form, and started to talk to her after she had given a urine sample. She sat a little teary eyed, and told me a little about her situation. I started the pregnancy test, and as it was processing, she informed me she had been raped. The test came out positive.
She told me it was her old boyfriend, and said that she didnt care how the baby was conceived, that she was going to go through with the pregnancy. Well, needless to say, after lots of crying, talking, hugging and sharing, I followed her through her pregnancy and she gave birth to a little girl.
The little girl was precious. She is on her way to getting through school and has hopes of starting college. She told me she realized it would be a little tough, but knew that it would only strengthen her.
I will HIGHLY encourage you to do LOTS AND LOTS of research. Your boyfriend should be with you to help you with this. If he is not, I would still encourage you.
I want you to know (through my own experience) that these trials come into our lives, NOT to crush us, but to strengthen us, and to also give us further strength to face things in the future with His strength that we might never have thought possible. Keep your chin up young lady. Please prayerfully think through your worries about telling your mom. Weigh the pros and cons, and consider not shutting her out, ok?
Dont cry, take a deep breath and move forward. You will be fine, and you will gain strength through every trial you face. If you want to PM me, you are welcome to it is my screenname and I am at Yahoo. Let me know how you fair, ok? Chin up.

Hugs to you,


Hello to you i would like to know a few things b4 i give you my honest answer

1) when was you last period?
2) how many days is you cycle?

Some times when are hormone levels are jumping around inside our bodies when we are young we can get very tired around the time we are ovulation or Just b4 or period arrives