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I am 15 years old and never had my period but me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex once or twice now i feel horrible and he thinks im getting bigger...Can I be pregnet?


Hi anonymous,

I read your post. Just a few questions. What symptoms are you having .. when you say you are feeling "horrible"? In my opinion, I think you should find some information WITH your boyfriend about sex, pregnancy and your body.

You might also want to get information on your "options" should pregnancy occur. Sounds like you are playing "russian roulette" with these things. Do you know what you would do if you became pregnant? I would also do research on sexually transmitted diseases too.

I dont say these things to be ugly, but I think you are going to be getting into an area physically and mentally that will "blow you out of the water".. in my opinion. At times when women become pregnant and it is unplanned, it tends to be alot harder to deal with MANY issues, stresses and ESPECIALLY a growing life. The reason is the hormones that go through the womens body tend to "play" harder on the emotions.

Take it from someone who has been there, I did not have my period until I was 15, be sure to keep your precious "gift" in check, it is priceless and the stresses we go through in unplanned pregnancy where NEVER meant for us to face. Good luck sweetie.



YOU release an EGG BEFORE your first period, so YOU CAN become pregnant!

Places like PLANNED PARENTHOOD give free and low cost birth control and STD screenings for teens.

They also do free pregnancy tests.