A 30- year old man from Lawrence, Kansas exposed three women to HIV although he knew he was infected. In court he acted disrespectfully and was sentenced with 32 months of prison.

Although he was in a poor health, he explained it as having “H.A.A.R.T.” condition. H.A.A.R.T stands for Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy, the name he has given himself to his HIV treatment.

The accused said that his actions may have been unethical but were not criminal since no woman was tested positive. He also reported that putting him behind bars won’t do any good. His lawyer asked for probation as his client had been taking an extensive series of drugs to lower the viral loads in his blood and that he believed it was physically impossible to spread virus which turned out to be the truth since no woman contracted the virus.

Luckily, the jurors were not convinced by the accused testimony and his lawyer’s defense and they punished him with 32 months of prison.

Three other women emerged after the trial and claimed that they had engaged in unprotected sex with the same man.

Although there is such a high level of awareness of HIV and AIDS risks and dangers, the number of cases of the infected is still growing. It has been estimated that 4.3 million people will become infected and 2.9 million will die this year only.