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I met a man two months ago who just seemed to be so awesome (I'm a gay man by the way.)

We've been dating and hanging out every now and then, basically any chance we got.

It wasn't until about a week ago that he told me he has HIV. I of course was sad and scared for him, because this is the first person I know with HIV.

I'm also scared for myself, as we did have open mouth kissing and he went down on me a few times. I didn't orgasm and I never went down on him, however I have read the risk of getting HIV is low when kissing and receiving oral sex is involved.

I got tested last week via a rapid test, and the results were negative. My test was done 2 months after knowing him, although I'm sure in the time frame I had my test done, it's probably not a significant amount of time to get a real result back.

The thing that upsets me, is that he KNEW he had HIV and didn't say anything to me prior. After he told me he said he felt bad that he didn't mention anything to me earlier. HA, yeah right. There's nothing but anger inside of me right now for him putting me at risk like that. He ask that I forgive him but I didn't give him a direct answer.

What do you think I should do? Should I forgive him, and do you think it's possible I could have come in contact with HIV, even though the test shows negative??


I reckon that the risk was small but to be on the safe side, you should have another test in 4 months time.

As for the forgiveness, this is definitely your call only. How does the whole thing make you feel? Besides feeling betrayed, do you feel like hanging out with this guy some more or not? Do you think you could be friends after this or does he disgust you? What is your general feeling about him?

If you can't decide right now, maybe you should take some time for the anger to go away and then see how you feel!

In my point of view, it is all about how you FEEL about it!