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Lupus occurs in our family for generations. I'm its latest victim and I'm having inflammations and pain all over my body. Sometimes it seems like there is no part which isn't unaffected. Pain is excruciating, but I manage to ease it with meds.

Now, I'm having other big problem. You see, my toes and feet are all swollen and very, very painful. Besides that, my joints tend to have rash on them and also are swollen. They are enlarged and I have difficulty walking and performing basic tasks.

How can I find relief for this state? Will the lupus therapy be successful in healing this, also. Or I must find some other way?


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Hi, Mark.

From your description, first thought that comes to my mind is gout. It's very likely that some of your medications are causing an excess of uric acid which accumulates in your joints. 

Call your doctor without delay. He/she will know on what kind of meds you are and what to do next if you really developed gout. 

Gout is usually easily treated with a NSAID and then followed up with a maintenance meds. But, the best treatment for gout is dietary change. Get yourself guidelines for it and try to stick with that diet.

Wish you all the best!