hi, I had a detached retina. My first surgery came in may 2013 which was unsuccessful and i had a second surgery in September where silicone oil was put in to treat the detachment. my third surgery came over a year later in march 2015 to remove the silicone oil & a cataract, also a gas bubble was inserted. Post surgery I noticed my pupil was an irregular shape & the redness did not settle. I had another surgery in September 2015, to remove some silicone oil that was missed in the earlier surgery & repair some damage that had occured, also another silicone oil was inserted. My pupil has lost all shape and the redness is still there ( it is very damaged)

After the second surgery my eye healed well and looked normal, vision was still low but could not be gauged properly because of the cataract that resulted of having the silicone oil. all the problems started after the third surgery.  

1) Just needed some advice of how i can get it looking normal and if possible improve my vision? 

2) Did having the silicone oil & a gas bubble at the same time in my eye cause the damage?

3) Was the process i went through the right process?