I had my second eye cataract removal on Monday 3dyas agao. My sight came back next day and shaepness and colour are amazing. I am aware that it will take a few weeks to heal and I am light sensitive and am using all the drops I was perscribed.

A year ago I had retinal detachment and had to have two lots of surgerwithin two weeks. It took a while to heal and I had finally gotten on top of the dots in that eye just before my cataract surgery. I have now noticed that the small bubble type dots are back and I am a bit scared. Has anyone else had this happen.

I was told after my op Monday that the doctor couldnt get all the cataract as it was too deep and I will get it lasered off in three montsh.

I had my right eye done two years ago and never saw that well until i had the same laser treatment a month ago ...it made an amazing difference. Wish I had it done earlier as I have just managed for two years on half vision.

You can imagine how happy I am being able to SEE at last...just hope mt=y retina is ok....fingers crossed..