I went through a laser surgery for partial detachment of retina. A fluid or gel was put behind the retina, and I was told that this fluid/ gel will have to be removed and other natural fluids will take over. This has been done on 07/07/2011.(1) After removal of this fluid how long will it take to the vision to return? (2) After few hours of surgery a test was vision test done, followed by examination by the Surgeon and test reveals that there is an air bubble, some pigment .What are the implications of this?

 Since the removal of fluid has been done today, is there any urgent action I should take, a lot of drops have been prescribed and I have been asked to meet the Surgeon in three days. What are the actions I should take? I was a diabetic but now for a few months fasting sugar is about 66 and PP re vary from 112 to128. Blood pressure is generally 120 to 130/80 to 90. Subsequent check up on10/07/2011 reveals that a floating circle has formed through which I am vaguely see my hand if held close, and count fingers, movements up to a distance of about 1.5 meters. Surgeon has told me that this is gas that was injected during the surgery for removal of the fluid.

I am +64 years old- Male. Will you say that I am on a path to recovery? What other actions should I take please?