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Hello. I have been having diarrhea for several weeks. I have no abdominal pain and no other symptoms whatsoever. In fact, I feel completely healthy, and this is why I was not even aware of it at first. I always drink a lot of water, and tried to explain it with this. Plus, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, and always noticed (years ago) that I tend to have diarrhea when I drink coffee, same as when I exercise.
I probably would not even have been concerned, if I had not read something about chronic diarrhea lately, and that it can easily be a sign of a serious disorder; but I did a bit of research, and I always found abdominal cramps or such as another symptom, which I do not have at all. So i'm wondering if I should be concerned at all, or if it should try to regulate it with some nutritional changes? I'm staying with some friends since a few weeks, and there I don't eat as many fruits and vegetables as I used to. And I noticed that when I eat a few carrots throughout the day, I don't have diarrhea, or at least it is significantly better.
I would be grateful for any suggestions. I don't have much money available for doctor visits currently, so I would not want to go there unless I really have to. Besides, are there other nutritional changes I could try? Can drinking tap water play a role?? I'm trying to think of all the changes in my life that may have something to do with it.


You drinking a lot of water have nothing to do with the cause of diarrhea. Drinking a lot of water is a good thing because it would prevent dehydration that may occur due to prolonged diarrhea.

It is good that you are thinking about what it could be causing your diarrhea. There are many causes of diarrhea but most diarrheas resolve a few days after they start. Prolonged diarrheas could be a sign of some kind of gastrointestinal disease or just food malabsorption. You could be suffering from IBS, but IBS is diagnosed after having all the necessary tests done.

You may try doing something on your own first before you decide to see a doc since you are in a very good position at the moment. If your diarrhea were severe, if you experienced dehydration, had blood in stool or fever, then you would have to see a doctor.

I would cut down on milk products, fatty foods and eat foods that are low in calories. Eat crackers, rice, poached eggs, stewed apples, clear soaps. Eat foods that contain soluble fibers like bananas, apples, oats as they are effective against diarrhea. Also, try adding bulk to your diet either from foods or try taking supplements to try to thicken the stools and make them less frequent.

Cut down or stop drinking coffee as it usually aggravates diarrhea. Try these little steps, if they don’t help and your diarrhea persists, see a doctor. Avoid tap water, you can either boil it or buy bottled water for the time being. I know this may be hard when living with a lot of people because everyone would drink it even they don’t buy it but make them clear it is for your stomach.