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I have a question about my hymen. I'm 16 and I've always masturbated by dry humping a pillow but just yesterday I decided to go a little "further". I inserted my middle finger all the way, and by all the way I do mean it (the finger is about 3 inches long), my nails are short. I fingered around for about 30 minutes.

Today at school I started noticing that I was bleeding, it was a red brownish color( they were more like stains), it kept going till after soccer practice. About an hour ago, I took a shower. Right after the shower (I didn't do anything there btw) I started bleeding badly, seriously badly! Blood running through my thighs.

I do think I broke my hymen because the silky "membrane" isn't there anymore (as it was before i fingered yesterday). I'm still bleeding but I'm wondering if it did break. But my period is due on January 12 (today is Jan. 8) so maybe that's it? Is it my period of the hymen? Could someone help me out?


I think your ok. That is all natural. stay safe