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Hey, so... Quick question. My boyfriend fingered me Saturday & I bled a fair amount. I had a lot of discomfort & a some pain after he did. On Sunday I was super sore & I wanted to go check if he broke my hymen but everytime I go to check it is super painful! I need some help! I'm not due for my period in the next 2 weeks & I'm spotting. Can anyone tell me if he did break my hymen? & if he broke it ALL the way or just parts of it? & when does the bleeding & pain stop? Thanks guys! I need some answers before I worry myself to death!


Hi, My husband and I were seeing each other for 3 years before we got married with no sex. We were still virgins at the age of 22. One evening we both got a bit carried away and, although he didn't "Finger" me as in entering my vagina as he knew that I wanted to be a virgin on our wedding night, He did stroke the outside bits. Although he was very gentle with me I bled the following morning. When I went to the doctor to go on the pill before getting married I was examined and my hymen was still intact. I lost my virginity on our wedding night, it was the first time for both of us and we both felt that very special moment when John broke my hymen. I had my first full orgasm that night and our love life has got better and better. Have you considered using a vibrator if you want to break your hymen? It took me about three days after making love for the first time, to stop spotting and I didn't have any pain.