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here's the period stopped on my 7th day. In the evening, I masturbated externally (I never tried internally). The next day, I felt a little pain in my vagina, it was like a pain when i had to wear tight jeans all day. and in the afternoon i saw blood on my underwear. The blood was not heavy. It's like period on my fifth day. It comes and goes for 2 days. Is it because I broke my hymen? or because my period came back? Do you think the pain was because i broke my hymen? Actually there are times that I really feel pain in my vagina when i have period. That's why I don't know if I broke it or not. and i'm really not sure if there was a pain or i was just paranoid.

please don't tell me to find my hymen with mirror. because i researched a lot and I still really don't know how the hymen looks.

I know that broken hymen doesn't mean i'm no longer a virgin. It's just that the guys in my country are They think that the girls are lying when they say they're virgin but when they had sex, there's no blood comes. They always think no blood=not virgin.

I know that I shoudn't think about how a guy would think, but it still bothers me.

I'm 19, i never inserted tampons,finger or anything.



You are very level headed about this, and appear to have thought this through well.

Unfortunately, I would tell you to examine yourself, and perhaps to gauge if you have any better access to your vagina now, as that COULD be a result of the hymen breaking or tearing.

Of course, the blood could be from another source.

Were you able to localize it? Does it appear as period blood or is it a different consistency?

You may not know what you what a hymen looks like, but there is a great deal of varriation between women.
I'd recommend that you get a book, similar to "Our Bodies, Ourselves" (by a women's collective) or a similar self-help book, to see a diagram of roughtly what a hymen might look like. The artist representation is drawn from hundreds of examinations and usually covers most variations.

And, yes, you're right. Ignore those stupid boys... the ones who care about you instead of a bit of blood, are the real keepers!

Good luck.

(Perhaps a woman can answer and shed some more light on this for you....)


is there any way of knowing about virginity of boy,,,;-)