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Hello folks,

My husband’s daughter, from his first marriage, she is 17 years old,  and she is convinced that she is fat. I have really nice relationship with her, and she is like my daughter. I was trying to tell her all the time that she is not fat (she has maybe 5 kilograms more than she should have, but that is nothing, she can lose it if she changes her eating habits).

But, the main problem is her boyfriend. A few months ago, he got his job, and he was buying her cakes, he was taking her on the lunch, late dinners, and that is about the time when she got a little extra pounds. Nothing special.

Now, he is telling her that she is fat, that she needs to lose her weight, or else he won’t take her on the wedding of his best friend at Cuba, because she is not so good looking to wear short white dress. The wedding is next month. So, he bought her Zantamine for weight loss.

She is desperate, and I am really mad at him!

I am scared that she can have some side – effects using Zantamine. She is still pretty young.

Please, help me! I just want her to be happy. 


That is not nice, if I can say something about this. I call this – blackmail! He is very conceited after he got his job, I believe. That is not nice, she is very young and I think that she is very in love with him. It is not nice that he bought her diet pills and she didn’t ask him to. He is not gentleman. At all!

Now, about side – effects, Zantamine can cause some of them, such as dizziness, nausea, maybe diarrhea, but that is not dangerous.  Dangerous is if she doesn’t want to use any diet pills and he forces her to do that. Talk to her, because that is not nice at all. She can use Zantamine only if she wants to use it. 




This is one rally ugly way to let someone know that you don’t care about her anymore! This is rude! Please, if you really care about her, tell her that she needs to find better guy! If Cuba is the only thing that keeps her with him, it is time to cut out that. That is my opinion.

Now, about Zantamine – you need to know that this is one of the safest weight loss products that I have ever use. Sometimes, while I was using it, I was thinking that this one is totally magical. You really can lose your pounds pretty fast.

Yes, there are some side – effects, but they are not that horrible. They are, let’s say – usual!

Good luck with this! You both girls going to need luck!