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Good day,

my neighbor Molly visited me today, and she started to talk about this Estrin D. She told me that she heard a lot of amazing things about this one, and that she will go to see her doctor tomorrow and ask him could she use this one.

Btw, she is pretty handsome, she is thin, but she wants to use it no matter what.

Anyone here use Estrin D now?

How much weight did you lose on Estrin D?

What do you think about this product? Is it safe? Do I need doctor's prescription to use it?

Have a nice day! 


She is thin and she wants to use diet pill? Good for her :) Well, Estrin D is a first diet pill ever that is made specifically, but SPECIFICALLY for women who are menopausal or perimenopausal and they want to lose their weight. You will not find nothing similar on the market at this moment. It has all these herbal ingredients, which are not harmful and they are healthy.

So, if you are in menopause, then you can use it. If you are not, better try with some other diet pills.  

Talk with your neighbor Molly as well about this. 

Happy Holidays! 



What's up?

My mother is using Estrin D and she is in menopause. So far, she is happy with it. Doctor told her to use it and he gave her prescription. I know a lot of satisfied ladies. Some of them are just thrilled with Estrin D. 

I think that you should not use this diet pill if you are young or if you are not still in menopause, That is what I think, but correct me if I am wrong. I know that my mom went to see her doctor three years before menopause, and he gave her some other diet pills. He left Estrin D for some other time.

Now is "that time" and she is using Estrin D.