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Find out about the Bulletproof Diet and how it can help people lose weight and keep it off.

We are all looking for a way to shed extra pounds and inches, but it is important to realize not every diet is healthy or even safe. Here we will take a look at the “Bulletproof” diet and go in depth about whether or not this latest weight loss craze is something you could benefit from trying.

Before he developed the Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey was a successful multimillionaire in his twenties. Although he was consuming roughly 1,800 calories per day and exercising for an hour and a half, six days a week, Asprey still tipped the scales at 300 lbs. When his health started to fail and effecting his energy levels and willpower, he invested in finding a solution. Over a period of 15-years, Dave Asprey explored a lot of different scientific and alternative therapies in order to achieve peak performance.

The results of his endeavor is the "Bulletproof" Diet and it has allowed him to improve his health and maintain a hundred pound weight loss.

What Is It?

The Bulletproof Diet involves an anti-inflammatory eating program which places emphasis on the quality of the food a person eats, rather than the quantity. Counting calories doesn’t really work for people and it can lead to an increase in cravings that are counterproductive to long term weight loss. The diet’s inventor advocates eating a lot of healthy foods such as coconut oil, avocado and MCT oil. The diet also calls for restricting carbohydrates and only consuming high quality, organic, grass fed meats.

Listed below are some important findings that individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to improve energy and focus throughout the day:

  • Skip the carbohydrates in the morning: Asprey recommends drinking Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast, because it will help prevent an energy crash and keep the body in fat-burning mode all day long. If a dieter doesn’t like coffee, it’s important to consume a high fat and protein rich meal to keep the body feeling full and to avoid sugar cravings later in the day.
  • Eat plenty of fat: Eating the right kind of fats like the ones found in avocado, coconut, organic grass-fed butter and MCT oil is important to help teach the body to enter ketosis (or fat burning).
  • Try the Bulletproof Diet for 14-days: Try the diet and see how it makes you feel. Not only will eating this way help you feel more energetic, but it will give you more restful sleep at night.
  • Do high intensity interval training: High intensity interval training will help a person build more muscle and that is critical to fat burning. It also does not put added stress on the adrenal glands as much as long periods of cardio exercises do.
  • Discover your food sensitivities: Everybody reacts differently to foods, and on the Bulletproof Diet, you will want to experiment with different food groups to see which ones can be tolerated and which ones needs to be avoided entirely. Most people fare well when eliminating gluten, sugar and dairy products.
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