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Hello everybody

My wedding is in May and I’m super excited. I bought a wedding dress online. I know, I know…what was I thinking. But actually it is kind of nice. I love how my waist looks in it, and the material is so pretty. There is just a tiny problem, the dress is a little too small for me. I’m not fixing her and I’m certainly not buying a new one so I’m gonna have to fix myself.

I bought Zantamine weight loss pills. I don’t have a minute of spare time so exercising would be almost impossible. Is that gonna be a problem? Can I lose weight with these pills even if I don’t work out?


Hello girl, I bet you are super excited. I remember when I was getting married, preparations started almost a year before. :) Buying a dress online was pretty risky I must say, I’m glad that worked out well.

And why can’t you find the time to exercise? You are (probably) only getting married once.;)

A friend of mine was using these pills, she also had no time to exercise, and she didn’t reduce the calorie intake. She hasn’t lost a pound. Don’t get freaked out now, but since it’s your wedding and all you may wanna try something that is more reliable. 



Too late! I’m having a panic attack. I can’t exercise, no way. I work all day, and then when I finish my shift there are preparations for the wedding, and a little sister to take care off. And my back hurts terribly these days, I hate it when I have to walk, doing exercises would be like hell.
You really think there is no way I’ll lose weight just by taking these pills? I was really counting on that since I know a girl who used them, did exercises only once a week and achieved to lose 10 pounds.
Does anybody else have any positive experience?
Please tell me I could actually lose weight with these pills without working out?