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Hello Doctor,

I am getting difficulty in passing urine, specially in mornings. First of all urine does not start soon and once it starts, it flows with breaks. With each break , I need to put pressure to take it out. I am having this problem from past few months.

What do you think is making the problem? PLease let me know.



Urinary hesitancy may be caused by 1. urinary tract infection 2. enlargement of the prostate or inflammation of the prostate (in men) 3. certain medications 4. nerve damage. Home care may include 1. applying heat pack on the lower abdomen to relax the muscles that hold the urine in 2. use hand pressure to push on the bladder just above the pubic bone to force the urine out 3. drink plenty of fluid especially cranberry juice which may help clear the urinary tract of bacteria 4. saw palmetto supplement may be helpful in shrinking the prostate even though results have been mixed. If all else fail, see a doctor.