As we get older the bladder sphincter, bladder wall and pelvic muscles may not control as they used to and that can lead to many problems if it is left unchecked.
With the help of natural remedies you can once again enjoy all the activities without worrying that you have to go to the washroom often and feeling embarrassed about it.
Here are some natural remedies that will help to control your bladder muscles:

1. Opteva
Opteva is derived from the dried stem bark of the crateva nurvala tree grown in Himalayan, India. It has been used by people of that region to support healthy bladder and urinary health. Opteva helps to support bladder tone and urine flow. It also promotes your bladder's ability to empty fully.

2. Horsetail
Horsetail has urinary tract astringent, smoothing effects on urinary mucosea and supports the bladder sphincter.

3.Magnesium, zinc, copper
The above minerals inhibit the enzyme prolactin. Magnesium, zinc and copper help in shrinking the prostate and healing bladder problems by giving freer flowing and pain free urinary health. Magnesium, zinc and copper are essential for promoting proper nerve function in the bladder.

4. Cranberry or blueberry juice
Helps provide a permanent solution or healing from bladder infections.

5. Exercise
The Kegel (pubococcygeus) exercises can help you control over your bladder, strengthen your abdominal muscles. If you want to know more about Kegel exercise, here is the link:

Be sure to talk to your doctor, before taking any supplement and natural remedy.

Kyle J. Norton

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