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4 days prior to going for a physical which included a urine test i had taken predisone for a kidney discomfort i had been having for a few weeks. my urine test showed that i had blood in my urine. would taking ths medication have caused this blood in my urine? or is there another underlying problem?


Blood in the urine is called hematuria. Small amounts of blood in the urine may be normal because urinary tract excretes around million red blood cells in the urine every day and this is not hematuria. There are too many possible causes of blood in the urine and only an urologist or another doc will be able to determine that cause.

I will just name a few. Women are more prone to hematuria because they suffer from UTI’s more often. People who take certain medications can irritate urinary tract and experience hematuria. Sometimes, the causes of hematuria can’t be found at all.
Some of the most common causes are infections, inflammations, or injuries in the urinary tract. If blood is visible, then it is due to problems in the lower urinary tract but if it was microscopic, then it comes from the kidneys.
The causes may depend on the age and gender. People older than 40, are more prone to kidney stones or cancers of the bladder, kidneys or prostate. However, these are not the most common causes. Besides those I already mentioned, you may be experiencing blockage of the urinary tract, viral infections, enlargement of the prostate, hypertension, kidney inflammation. Medications that most commonly contribute to blood in the urine are some antibiotics, analgesics, and anticoagulants.

Have you heard from your doctor yet? Did they manage to determine the cause of the blood in your urine?