My daughter is almost 17 years old (in two months). For the past 6 weeks she has been having shooting, stabbing pain in her right temple area of her head, and near her right eye. This are lightning bolt types of pains the last for several seconds then go away. The pain is intense but only lasts a short time, however this can occur several times a day.
Since this started she has had a CT scan (unenhanced) of her brain. Which showed, mild diffuse brain atrophy for her age.
What can this mean?
Today she started having blood in her urine. Just a little bit and it burns. Which just may be a regular run of the mile unrine infection but wanted to mention it in case it could be related.
Also the past 2-3 weeks her memory has gotten progressively worse and she seems to have a hard time saying the correct words sometimes.
There is family history of Multiple Scelerosis but not with brain atrophy. What does this mean? isn't brain atrophy a progressive disease? Isn't diffuse mean scattered so it isn't confined to one area? can it be fatal? Should I be worried? What other tests should be done?
Thank you for any insite into this.